Previous Winners

Zebra Ink 2022

Zebra Ink created a disappearing ink to reduce paper waste. This technology is perfect for businesses and educational institutions.

Wasteq 2021

Wasteq wants to tackle food waste in grocery stores by offering them an artificial intelligence solution which predicts demands for perishables and in doing so reducing their scrap or overstock of products.

Pupa Automation 2020

PUPA Automation provides industrialization technology for insect farming. By implementing the latest technology we allow insect farmers to expand their production capacity and maximize utilization rate.

Billi 2019

The paper receipt, an ordinary piece of paper that nobody really uses and belongs to the past. That is why Team Billi is creating a positive impact on the environment by replacing these receipts with a durable and digital alternative.

Durablox 2018

Building furniture with recycled plastic building blocks.

Rechim'ycle 2017

Use technology for recycling purposes in the chemical sector.

Gemini 2016

GEMINI is a new generation of wind turbines that can be installed on the corner of buildings. Their patented technology takes advantage of the Venturi effect to increase the wind power up to 500%.

Demetex 2015

Use the principles of precision farming to create fertilization diagnostic maps for agriculture. They developed data models that can process the mapping and photos of farming land, obtained by agricultural drones, and convert it into information on how much nitrogen on each section of the culture is appropriate. Farmers can expect higher yields whilst lowering their environmental impact.

SubC 2014
New startup: Turbulent

Anchor that can actively dig itself in the sand using a hydraulic system. (2nd place CTC 2014 London)

Turbulent Hydro: Off-Grid electricity generation with low-heat micro hydropowerplants  with vortex turbines. 

EDAS, Eco Drive Assist System 2013

EDAS makes it possible to drive at the lowest fuel consumption possible by giving real-time instructions on how to drive, rather than evaluate the current driving style. The mobile app tells when to accelerate, how fast or slow to accelerate, at what speed to drive, etc.

CLUTRR (2012)

Cluttr is an early stage startup focused on easing the process of infrastructure management within the data center. Our offering is a Power Management Software to reduce the energy consumption of data centres. Within this firm I was responsible for the design and execution of our marketing, sales and financial strategy. (Seed funding from iVenture NV — iMinds)

2nd place CTC 2012 London