CleanTech Challenge Belgium


The CleanTech Challenge is a free global business plan competition for ideas related to clean and durable technologies. We seek ideas that have the potential to make a significant environmental impact to promote sustainable ventures.

For Whom

Students from all universities and colleges in Belgium can apply. This includes Bachelors, Masters and PhDs, local and international students.


The Belgian competition is hosted in Leuven by AFT and AFD. The winner gets the opportunity to go to the international final in London hosted by London Business School and University College London. 

Tell me More!

The CleanTech Challenge is a cleantech business plan competition organised by London Business School and University College London to help students develop their cleantech ideas into credible businesses. The competition promotes an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together technical and business students to develop their ideas with the help of industry expert mentors.
The Belgian competition, organised by Academics For Development Leuven and Academics For Technology, will determine who will be sent to the finals in London, and there they will compete for the £20.000 prize to fund their start-up. 

Sign up

Form a team (3-5 persons) or join alone and participate in the Belgian competition.

Professional coaching

With the help of multiple workshops and professional guidance, you’ll get to turn your idea into a start-up.

Win the Belgian finals

Compete against the other teams in the Belgian finals and impress the jury with your innovative Cleantech idea.

Go to London

During a two-day CleanTech Challenge Bootcamp the overall winning team will be chosen and will be rewarded with a £20.000 prize.