CleanTech Challenge Belgium

Welcome to the CleanTech Challenge

What is it?

The CleanTech Challenge is a free global business plan competition for ideas related to clean and durable technologies (CleanTech).


All teams get professional coaching and the winner wins a trip to Londen to participate in the global finals.


The Belgian competition is hosted in Leuven.


From November through to April

What is the CleanTech Challenge?

The CleanTech Challenge is a free global business plan competition that helps students from across the globe form teams and develop their clean technology business ideas through a competition that runs from November through to April. Participants receive guidance, feedback and mentorship from industry professionals throughout the Challenge.

The best Belgian team wins a trip to London to compete in live “Boot Camp” finals in London for £10,000 in cash.

Timeline of events

3/12: Coaching session Business Model Canvas

Workshop on the economical part of a CleanTech business idea.
Teams will receive initial feedback on their idea and will learn about the business model canvas.

8/12: Deadline first round

submit your CleanTech business idea in the format of a power point presentation with 1 slide to present the team, 1 slide for the problem statement, 1-2 slides for the solution, 1 slide for the planning.

16/12: candidates receive feedback, the finalists are announced

20/02: workshop on venture capital

12/03: Personal coaching session for the finalists.

20/03: Belgian Finals

21-22/04 Finals in London

How to participate?

Grab your chance to participate in the global finals Boot Camp
and win £10 000! Submit your CleanTech idea before December 8th!

Submit your idea

Our team

This year the CleanTech challenge is organized for the first time by AFT Leuven and AFD Leuven.

The goal of AFD, or Academics For Development, is to offer students the possibility to have a social impact in a durable and meaningful way, by offering them the opportunity to contribute to real life issues in developing and developed countries.

The mission of AFT, short for Academics For Technology, is to promote technological entrepreneurship among students.

Together we can offer students a unique combination of entrepreneurship, technology, durability and social impact. Therefore we form the perfect team to organise the Belgian rounds of this global business plan competition about clean technology!


Together this team hopes to give every motivated entrepreneurial student the opportunity of an amazing and unique learning experience, which might be the first stepping stone towards a very bright future. For any information about the competition, questions on your ideas or further information about becoming a partner, please contact

Valerie Eeckhout

Valerie Eeckhout

Valerie is a master student business engineering at KU Leuven. Last year she spent a semester at the Queen’s University in Canada. When she returned, she got involved with Academics For Development and this year she became their board member events.

Miriam De Wolf

Miriam De Wolf

Miriam graduated in 2014 in Computer Science and is now studying the flute at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In the past she organised at AFT workshops next to the Student Startup Trip, this year she commits herself to the CleanTech Challenge because of her interest in the environment.

Dries Verbeeck

Dries Verbeeck

Dries is a bachelor student in the Law faculty at KU Leuven. He has always been interested in innovative projects and ideas and therefore he is honoured to be assisting at the organisation of the CleanTech Challenge. As a member of Academics For Development he hopes that many participants will also consider ideas with social impact. Apart from his interest in innovation and development aid, he is a member of the European Youth Parliament (EYP).

Sofie Beyne

Sofie Beyne

Sofie is a PhD student in materials engineering at KU Leuven and a member of Academics For Technology. As a participant in last year’s CleanTech Challenge, she was very motivated to organise it this year to give other students the opportunity to participate in this fantastic and enlightening experience.

Filip Vanden Eynde

Filip Vanden Eynde

Filip is a bachelor student in Applied Informatics at University College Leuven Limburg aka UCLL and a member of Academics For Technology. He is the person who organizes and controls the website of the CleanTech Challenge.


Last year’s winner was Demetex from Louvain-la-neuve. They represented Belgium in the global finals in London and went home with the main prize: a 10000£ check.


Demetex’s idea is to offer to farmers fertilization maps allowing them to know the optimal quantity of nitrogen to use given the position in the field. With the use of drones, we can collect pictures of the fields and then treat them to offer a diagnostic to farmers. Thanks to the diagnostic maps, the farmers make economies and reduce their impact on the environment.
The Cleantech Challenge has been a great opportunity for us. It allowed us to gain visibility for our projet and to broaden our network. The workshops were really interesting. We had the chance to have great mentors coming from the cleantech sector. The Belgian CleanTech team has been very supportive during the contest in London. They organised everything so that we could concentrate on our work.