What is CleanTech?

“Technology is not the goal, it is the way toward sustainable global prosperity.”

CTC organizing team

The Cleantech Challenge is a worldwide competition in which teams of (ex)students develop a business plan  around  sustainable  development,  aiming  at  the  price  of  £10,000  in  the  London  finals  in  the London Business School. The organizations AFD (Academics for Development) and AFT (Academics for Technology) from Leuven, are responsible for the selection of the Belgian team. Only one team will be selected to participate in the London finals.

Our goal is to provide students with a practical experience through the development and defense of an own sustainable project, in addition to the theoretical knowledge they’ve acquired at the university. Coming  up  with  good  and  creative  ideas  that  have  potential  is  one  thing,  putting  it  into  practice  is another. In this concept, AFD and AFT want to guide these students by organizing four workshops on the following subjects: (1) business plan modeling, (2) technical feasibility, (3) financial aspects and (4) pitch strategies.

In  the  first  semester  there  will  be  two  workshops: business  plan  modelingand  technical feasibility. Subsequently, a feedback session will be held after which only the best teams will continue in the next phase.  In  the  second  semester  the  last  workshops, financial  aspectsand pitch  strategies, will  take place. These are followed by the Belgian finals in march. Here the best team, with the most promising idea and best developed business plan, will be selected to participate in the London finals. The winner go home with the prize of £ 10,000.

AFT and AFD are looking for the most motivated students who want to work, together with us, on their own business plan for an entire year. On their way to the finals, they will be coached with different workshops and feedback. It is therefore not only a competition, but also a very instructive and practical experience for both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Students from business schools and other post-master programs are also more than welcome. The only requirement is that the idea is sustainable and can  contribute  to  the  creation  of  a  ‘better  world’.  Either  by Internet  of  Things,  or  by  making  car batteries more efficient, purifying water better, et cetera. The ideas can go into a lot of directions, let the creativity do its work! We are already very curious!

For more information, be sure to check our info-event  that is scheduled on the 2th of October. The Kick-Off event, where you can search for a team if you do not have one yet, or where you can just have a chat with other students with an entrepreneurial mindset, will take place at the Radiohuis in Leuven on the 6th of November.

Previous Winners

Here are some previous winners, who illustrate the many facets of CleanTech nicely and talk about their experience with the competition.



1st place CTC 2018 Belgium



1st place CTC 2017 Belgium



1st place CTC 2015 Belgium



1st place CTC 2015 London



1st place CTC 2014 Belgium



2nd place CTC 2014 London



2nd place CTC 2013 Belgium



1st place CTC 2011 Belgium



2nd place CTC 2011 London

Now it’s up to you. Look around you. Look at what you know. There’s a way to do it better. Find it!

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