What is CleanTech?

“Technology is not the goal, it is the way toward sustainable global prosperity.”

CTC organizing team

CleanTech is short for clean technology and encompasses all products, processes, services or systems that improves productivity and efficiency, while limiting costs, material usage, energy consumption, waste or pollution. The term CleanTech is often associated with venture capital funds. Traditionally it’s divided in categories, see image below, but don’t limit yourself to the image. Think broad!

CleanTech is a big business and has to be profitable in order to be sustainable. Do not underestimate the financial and economical aspect of the competition. Experience shows that teams that score well here, go the furthest.

The global population is growing and everyone is in pursuit of more welfare. This leads to a growing tax on our environment. In order to give everyone a chance of prosperity, including future generations, we have to limit our exploitation of the earth to a sustainable format.

Previous Winners

Here are some previous winners, who illustrate the many facets of CleanTech nicely and talk about their experience with the competition.



1st place CTC 2017 Belgium



1st place CTC 2015 Belgium



1st place CTC 2015 London



1st place CTC 2014 Belgium



2nd place CTC 2014 London



2nd place CTC 2013 Belgium



1st place CTC 2011 Belgium



2nd place CTC 2011 London

Now it’s up to you. Look around you. Look at what you know. There’s a way to do it better. Find it!

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